BlueTree is named India’s Future Ready Organisation by The Economic Times (Time Internet Group)

Building a culture of sustainable and client-centric innovations

About the Award

The Economic Times recognises organizations that have set themselves apart with their strategic foresight, resilience, readiness to adapt to future challenges and their ability to scale, all while giving a human touch in whatever they do.

The award evaluates organization readiness & future outlook in business environments that are dynamic, fast-evolving and unpredictable.

These are the organizations that are future-ready and ahead of the innovation curve. BlueTree is one among them.

Evaluation Criteria

The jury members based their evaluation on specific key criteria to honor the most futuristic and sustainable organizations.

Clarity of purpose and direction

Clear vision backed by a consistent path to navigate challenges and leverage opportunities

Human capital

Employee empowerment through a culture of continuous learning, innovation and collaboration

Technology and adaptation

Technology integration for enhanced customer experience and to maintain a competitive edge

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)

Commitment to sustainability and ethical governance

Jury Members

Future Outlook

Innovating for change has been our motto since day one, and we are committed to pushing boundaries to achieve it. This recognition has only intensified our drive to invest in contemporary technologies and ingenious solutions. It has fueled our determination to stay at the forefront of industry advancements. Because once a leader, always a leader.