Simple Biometric Integrations

Replace traditional biometric devices with mobile-based no-touch attendance to maintain hygiene

Quick & Easy Integration

Native and seamless integration with leading ERP and other systems for easy processing

Minimized Costs & Efforts

Important cost savings due to a significant decrease in attendance processing time

Geo-Tagged & Geo-Fenced Attendance

Access employee attendance instantly through accurate location tracking

Easy Access

Access multi-location data from a comprehensive database to manage time & attendance

Save Trees

Eliminate paperwork and minimize human error with a fully digitised attendance platform

Our Features

Punch capture


Easy Scheduling

Overtime & Time-Off

Bulk Approval

Automated Calculation of Weekly/Monthly Attendance

Real-Time Visibility

Smooth Integration & Configurable


Streamlined global time management

Configurable, scalable and automated solution for time tracking, global attendance management and data accuracy

Mobile-based attendance management

Contactless mobile-based attendance and geofencing with real-time report generation with accurate data

Automated compliance engine integrated with time & attendance

Seamless integration with compliance engine to automate workflows and statutory validations