Unified Software

A simplified platform for everyone – vendors and principal employers – to manage all aspects of statutory compliance

Auto-generated Register

Automatically generate various statutory registers like muster roll, wage register etc.

Automated Validation

Automatically validate the ESI and PF remittance/arrears and minimum wage adherence

On-time License Tracking

Track license validity and make timely amendments or renewals to manage the entire workforce compliance

Digital Document Repository

Proactive and automated collection of statutory registers as per the latest laws and regulations under any act like Shop and Establishment/ Factory / CLRA Act etc

Automated alerts and Reminders

Automate tracking and reporting of your workforce compliance activities with alerts & reminders

Our Features

Automated S&E Compliance Management

Automated Factory Compliance Management

Automated CLRA Management

PF Remittance Automation & ESI Remittance Validation

Consolidated Vendor Reports

Automated Notifications and Escalations

Configure Other Legal Requirements

Dashboard for Compliance

Easy Collaboration & Integration

Clear Audit Trail

Vendor Compliance Scores


Visibility and Tracking

Visibility into contractor’s activities with automated escalations, and online contractor/vendor compliance tracking as per the latest Labour codes and other statutory regulations

Automated Compliance

Automated compliance management across multiple locations, regions and states, with adherence to all state and central labour laws and regulations

Track ESI/PF Remittance

Automatically validate EPF remittances across locations for multiple user-id & passwords at the click of a button